The Service Department at each of our locations is focused on providing the expertise required to maintain the many diverse types of HVAC systems. Our Service Departments can customize proposals to meet any mechanical or budgetary needs. Customers choose AMS because we utilize the very latest in diagnostic service procedures, provide state-of-the-art tools and test equipment, and insure all of our technicians are professionally trained. Additionally, AMS is proud to provide the following services:

Prompt turn-around time for emergency service calls.

Expansive service fleet, allowing 24-hour service.

Highly trained personnel necessary to solve any HVAC related problem. We have many factory trained representatives to handle any manufacturer’s equipment.

Service Technicians specializing in large tonnage chillers, small to medium tonnage chillers, boilers and hydronic, and equipment installation.

Service personnel on call 24/7.

Service Contracts Manager to assure AMS is in compliance with our agreements.

Detailed service reports upon completion of our inspections. We will provide you with a list of our recommendations to help keep your facility operating at peak efficiency.

Complete trending information on all critical components in your system.